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Besides produce, herbs, flowers, plants and eggs we offer recipes, meal preparation, garden suggestions and other farm related tips.  Many are posted on Instagram.  We plan to continue hosting some farm events.  This past years Farm Tour, Seeding Event, and Photos at the Barn were successful.  Tentative events for upcoming season may include an art event "Paint the Old Barn", a "Wine Tasting at the Old Barn" event and a "Farm Fit" event incorporating exercise into farming and some type of Farm Tour.  More to come on that.


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Growing right now updated 9/15/2022:  Basil, Okra, Red/Yellow Onions, Herbs, Poblano, Jalapeno & Shishito & Bell Peppers, Arugula, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Limited Cherry Tomatoes & Roma Tomatoes, Eggplant and vegetable & flower plants ready for your garden.  Free range eggs.  Email to check for availability.  Order for farm pick up with appointment or Saturdays at the market.  Deliveries made to some areas with large orders.


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We love our chickens!  We have many beautiful and friendly breeds.   We have 3 Roosters and about 30 hens. We currently have 3 age groups.  We have babies and some older hens.  But our 1-3 year old's are our heaviest producers and we're getting about a dozen a day.  When our hens no longer lay eggs they get to live out their life as our pets.  Our chickens/eggs are 100% free range during daylight hours.  Chickens eat home made porridge every morning, yea, that separates our eggs from the rest.  Eggs are ungraded.


Summer is here!  What's new?

Music Garlic and Sweet Onions have all now been harvested and dried.  We've moved from the greens and lettuces to the summer favorites:  Cukes, tomatoes, a variety of Peppers, Eggplant, Okra  and we still have Arugula & Swiss Chard.   Right now is the toughest heat of the summer and the primary job is keeping the weeks at bay.  It brings great growth, but challenging pests as well.  We are ready for fall and have begun to seed our fall varieties.  We'll have lettuces back before you know it!


We continue to take orders for eggs, seasonal veggies and herbs - just send us a message. 


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Pick up on our farm on Fridays or at the Union County Farmers Market (or Stallings location) on Saturdays or by order.  Contact us for seasonal produce and eggs anytime and we will prepare your order for pick.   oldbarnfarmnc@gmail.com

Sat: 9am - 12pm at the Market or

at the Farm by Appointment


On the Farm

About Old Barn Farm

Old Barn Farm is a small produce farm located in Wesley Chapel close in to Charlotte. Originally from Long Island, but spending the past 30+ years in the Charlotte area, we’re a husband & wife team that moved out to the country to experience small farm life. We practice responsible and sustainable growing methods and treat our animals kindly. While always trying to maintain a healthy balance in our lives, we have found that farming is good for us both physically and mentally. The physical demands of farming provide a constant source of exercise and the mundane tasks like weeding or seeding provide mental calming. The produce we grow provides excellent nourishment to our bodies. As we age we continue to be aware of the need to maintain a good level of physical activity and you can be assured farming provides that! So we’re “Staying Farm Fit” and get to bring you healthy produce in the process.


About the Old Barn

We loved this property when we moved here in 2012.  The old barn has been a back drop for many photograph sessions, in fact, the day we moved in, there were people at the barn taking pictures.  Fall is particularly pretty, especially when you throw a haystack and pumpkin out front.  We did expand the barn slightly to accommodate our horses but otherwise we've kept it true to original.  This barn is alive, especially at dawn and dusk, feeding time.